Petar PALLAVICINI, also known as Petrus PALAVICINI, was born on the island of Korcula in Dalmatia, Croatia in 1888, of probable Italian-Venetian descent. As a subject of the Austro-Hungarian empire he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 1912, studying under HORICE. The following year at the age of 25 he became an independent artist.

PALLAVICINI's first exhibition in the newly liberated Yugoslavia came in Zagreb in 1920 and soon after he moved to Belgrade where he became Professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. He travelled widely and exhibited in Paris, Barcelona and London where a held a one-man show in 1930.

PALLAVICINI belongs to a group of highly original and inspiring sculptors from Dalmatia which includes the likes of Ivan MESTROVIC and Toma ROSANDIC.