Born in Marseille in 1900, DUPRE-LAFON studied at the city's Academy of Art before moving to Paris in 1923. A career of interior decoration followed, from which he emerged in the late 1920s with a wealthy private clientele which included the bankers DREYFUS and ROTHSCHILD.

He designed complete interiors for private homes and villas and from this it can be assumed that a large, if not all, of his furniture was pièces uniques.

In 1926, after hardly four years working professionally, he created his first important decor in a private mansion in the rue Rembrandt ; his work received unanimous praise from the critics as a work of art that demonstrated the opulence in a modern and precise classical style.

Completely different from the flamboyancy of RUHLMANN as from the innovative ideas of CHAREAU, he created a totally new style linking the perfection and beauty by harmonizing the furniture and the decor down to the finest detail.

A private man, DUPRE-LAFON never exhibited his works publicly. He died of a heart-attack in December 1971.