Max INGRAND whose real name was Maurice MAX-INGRAND created works that are the most inventive and numerous .

An accomplished glass-maker whose engraved mirrors blend with the works of the major decorators from the 1930’s through to the 1950’s, such as André ARBUS, Marc du PLANTIER, Gilbert POILLERAT, René DROUËT, Maurice JALLOT, Louis SÜE.

His patinated mirrors are engraved in interlaced geometrical motives inspired by the neoclassical age that harmonized with the decorator’s furnishings.

From the beginning of the 1950’s Max INGRAND broke free from the traditional ormenentalism in order to develop a more personal style. The glass is chiselled in such a way that gives it either a misted effect or magnifies it with natural light. He was influenced by the stained glass-windows he produced most notably for the cathedrals in Touraine and in Notre-Dame in Paris.

Another exemple of his taste in glassmaking and his use of natural light can be seen in his works with the Italian firm FONTANA-ARTE from 1954 onwards where he became artistic director.