Soon after 1880, Henri JANSEN left his native Holland and founded a furniture company in the rue Royale in Paris.

Foremost a decorator, he made his name through the innovation of his window displays that mixed old wood pannels, precious objects and contemporary pieces of furniture.

Henri JANSEN had amongst his clients the major European royal families as well as very rich clients who knew that what they bought would be of the highest quality only.

After the First World War, he hired a new team : a designer Albert CAZES, as well as employing Stéphane BOUDIN and Pierre DELBEE who took it in turns to run the office following the death of Henri JANSEN in 1929.

The company continued its successful expansion until 1971 under the chairmanship of Pierre DESHAYS when the last grandiose work was undertaken to celebrate the Shah of Iran and the 2500 years of the foundation of the Persian Empire at the Field of the Cloth of Gold in Persepolis where dignitaries from fifty countries, kings, queens and heads of state were invited.

Imaginative and technical flair linked with elegance plus tradition and modernism are proof of the qualities that JANSEN’s offered to his clients until the closure of his workshops.