A virtuose painter and sculptor, Janine JANET was capable of creating anything.

At first teacher at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, she painted watercolours that Christian BERARD admired, as well as painting fabrics sold by Pierre FREY. She also designed sets for ballets, she created jewellery, silver cups for CHRISTOFLE as well as all the objects, masks and costumes for Jean COCTEAU’s movie Le Testament d’Orphée.

Moreover she created decorative sculptured works and creatures made in the rocaille style, Janine JANET covered them with shells, lapis, cristal, jet, gypsium or slate. She also produced a bronze statue covered entirely in precious stones for Helena RUBINSTEIN.

These single sculptures were especially made for BALENCIAGA, DIOR, BALMAIN, GIVENCHY and NINA RICCI, who begged Janine JANET to enhance their luxury shop windows. They later kept the pieces to include in their private collections.

Other pieces are now owned by Francine WEISWEILLER, Prince Ali KHAN, Robert MAXWELL and Colin TENNANT. Others pieces like the Four Elements an a Venus in bronze are part of the decoration in the liner Queen ELIZABETH II.