Jean-Michel FRANK was without doubt the most famous decorator of the XXth century and the most sought-after.

His decors and his furnishing are characterized in a calm, sober style in geometric lines and right angles.

His furniture was made for a rich and elite clientele amongst whom were included the viscount and the viscountess de NOAILLES, Elsa SCHIAPARELLI, Jean-Pierre GUERLAIN, Nelson ROCKFELLER.

Speaking of Jean-Michel FRANK, Jean COCTEAU said that he loved the invisible of true elegance and that anything that seemed jumped out at you seemed vulgar to him.

Even though he surrounded himself with painters and sculptors (BERARD, the GIACOMETTI brothers, Emilio TERRY, Salvador DALI), he choose them in such a way that their work for him would not upstage his.

Leather, straw, parchment, marble, rare woods, bronze, gypsum and plaster were used in the service to express perfect harmony. Simplicity was the guiding line in the materials he used to create his luxury furnishings.